Holiday Stress? 3 Tips For Managing Your Time

A big part of holiday stress comes from feeling like there is too much to do along with your other responsibilities, which quickly makes you feel overwhelmed. One way to help with this is to learn how to manage your time a little bit better. These tips are a great start for managing your time and reducing your holiday stress levels.

Stop Trying to Multi-Task So Much

People are often under the misconception that multi=tasking is the best way to get a lot of different tasks done at the same time. However, this is actually a more inefficient way to do things. While there are going to be times when you have to do more than one thing at a time, for the most part, it is keeping you from achieving the most. When you multi-task too much, your brain is constantly trying to re-focus itself on different things. This is constantly taking you out of just one frame of mind, which takes longer to then get used to the next task. A better option is to dedicate one chunk of time to one thing, then another chunk of time to another thing.

Do More Shopping at Once Place

This might seem like it goes against the rule about no multi-tasking, but you aren’t trying to do your food shopping, Christmas shopping, and party occasion shopping all at the same time. However, if when you go holiday shopping for family and friends’ gifts, and you can get them all in the same area, then it definitely helps manage your time. For example, if there is a box store that you know carries at least half of the items you need for everyone, you can bring a list and get it all done in a single shopping trip.

Schedule Everything Each Day

Before the holidays begin, make a detailed to-do list of what needs to be done in a certain amount of time, then start working on your schedule. Leave just one or two tasks each day throughout the holiday season, as long as the important things get done in time. Make sure to leave room for quality time to yourself, time with your family, shopping, cooking, party planning, cleaning, wrapping gifts, and of course work around other appointments you have. With this schedule, you then know what to expect each day without worrying that you are forgetting something.

Part of managing your time is not taking on too much, so it is also important to know when you are stretching yourself a little too thin.

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